The 2-year itch in Nursing…


When do you start to feel like you know what you are doing?…

“Usually around year two”

This is a conversation we’ve all had. I remember hearing this conversation when I was a student. I remember having this conversation as a new nurse. Aaaannndd I remember having this conversation as the seasoned nurse.

The irony is… the statement possesses a fair amount of truth.

At the two year mark your world of nursing goes through this weird paradigm shift. You act differently, you move differently, you think differently…..

You ‘Nurse’ differently…

And well.. you become a different nurse.

Dare I say you HTFU (I’ll let you look this one up).

You grow a thicker set of skin.

You become more confident in your skills, knowledge and abilities.

You question yourself less.

You show up to the fight with brass knuckles instead of kid gloves.

You find your voice.

You stop coddling and start empowering.

You lead instead of follow.

And it doesn’t just happen at the two year mark, it happens gradually. It’s an insidious and strong change that cements into your psyche as a nurse. You’re digging your feet into the sand looking to stake your claim. All while staying humble and centered.

You grow.

The irony? You never even know it happens because you’re too busy doing your job.

Are you curious as to WHEN this happens? This metamorphosis reveals itself the first time you say ‘No’ to a request… and you’re comfortable with answering No. You discover the ‘guilt-free’ version of your nurse-self.

Welcome to the party.



2015-07-01 13.31.37



2 thoughts on “The 2-year itch in Nursing…

  1. Brilliant, Sean! As usual. of course. So good, I posted on Facebook.
    I’m excited about the Blog Carnival!

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