Never judge a book by its cover…

Christopher Barna Bruno Mars-when I was your man acoustic cover – YouTube.

Don’t be quick to pass judgement.

I remember seeing this video’s screenshot before I watched the actual video, and I already had passed judgement. Then I listened to them.


We often preach about not judging someone by how they look, but we all still do it. We seemed to be conditioned like our friend Pavlov the dog. Take a second or two and reserve your thoughts until you meet, speak and converse with that fellow human being. We often fear what is unfamiliar.

Different ≠ bad.



One thought on “Never judge a book by its cover…

  1. The music is quite talented, but … a step beyond “judging,” well … all I had to do was listen to their “next” video clip, and I was immediately turned off. Flipping off their fan base and cursing due to lack of a broader vocabulary on social media where thousands of people view your posts literally was a deal breaker for me. In dealing with the general public … there are better ways. Respectful demonstrations for both me, and you. Period.

    Thanks for the post my friend … blessings.

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