Travel tip: Wear compression socks… err I mean TED hose

Apparently I piqued a lot of Nurse’s interest today with this Instagram Post:

I’ve been wearing compression socks for a couple years now. I was introduced to them through CrossFit (big surprise). I wore them during workouts, then I started to wear them after workouts (for recovery). I discovered how great they made me feel after a rough workout. After some trial and error, I found wearing them overnight helped me immensely with recovery.

Then I stumbled upon a video of a U.S.A Olympian wearing them during her flights when she traveled. So, I decided to try it, and it was wonderful! I started to wear them no matter how far the distance of my travel. Each time I wore the compression socks, my feet and legs would feel great as opposed to that ‘dead legged’ feeling and of course the dependent edema that would come along with long hours of stationary sitting.

One thing lead to another and I think I might have accidentally wore them one day at work (also due to a rough CrossFit workout). And the results were astonishing at how good I felt after a 10-12+ hour shift of being on my feet. It was like  I had discovered the holy grail, some crazy secret.

Only then did I realize this was no new secret. We nurses knew all along how great compression forces were on our lower limbs…


Uhm… helloooohh. Can you say TED hose?

Needless to say, it’s no secret. And the benefits of wearing a pair of these babies is endless. So during my road trip this weekend I wore them. And I decided to share my recommendation and my Facebook Fan Page sort of lit-up:

So, here are my suggestions for purchasing some compression gear. Keep in mind, I buy my for dual purposes. Both at work and at the gym.  You can purchase them from virtually anyone on the internet, you only have to do a quick search.

Of note, some of these are $$ pricey. You can find better deals through Amazon, Zappos or even try Ebay. You only limited by the amount of time you put into researching. You can also find some good buys at your local stores, or your local uniform shop. FYI, the socks in the pic are from SKINS.

If you find a good find, be sure to share! Oh, and while you’re at it, go like my Facebook page.. I’d greatly appreciate the love.

2015-07-12 09.14.13






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