Nursing school Pre-req’s. Who remembers Microbiology?


Microbiology. Or ‘Micro’ as we Nurses call(ed) it. I remember it well. 8am every M-W-F. I still remember the auditorium. I still remember the sounds. I remember the sights. I remember my seat. I remember the name of my Professor. And, no, she was not difficult to look at every morning (sshhh, don’t tell my wife – even though she was in the very same class).

The crazy thing? It was over 10 years ago. It was pre-Nursing school. Remember, I attended a diploma program. I took pre-requisite classes at the local college campus, then attended nursing school. Yet, I have such vivid memories.

The paper you see above is an old homework assignment. Yes. we still had paper back then. Yes, I’m showing my age.

I look at this now and chuckle inside. Man, I remember how tough that class was back then.

Who would have ever thought I would be where I am today?





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