Another Nurses Week comes to a close..

Happy Nurses Week one last time everyone. Tomorrow is Flo’s birthday, which signifies the end of another week long celebration of our profession. How was your week? Did you get recognized for the work you do? Did you take the time to celebrate and thank you colleagues?

Did you find a Nurse who was a  complete stranger and thank them?

You still have time.

I spent my week working a long 7-day stretch.  I drank a lot of coffee:

This past month’s work schedule was a tad brutal, the stars aligned just right and I worked an endless number of shifts over the past 4 weeks. I think the last 3 1/2 weeks I only had 4 total days off.

But I survived. The week had its moments, but at the end of each day I still work where I work. I love my job. I love my co-workers and  I work for some pretty amazing people.

Did I mention I drank a lot of coffee?

Don't judge. It's 1pm. #coffee

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So, while it was exhausting and body-aching long you won’t hear me complain.

I’m still living my dream.

Oh, by the way, an added bonus was the warmer temps my area of the world is starting to enjoy. That sunrise is what I get to see everyone morning from our office before I start my day.

Not too bad I think.

Good morning Friday. Let's do this!

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