Why have you stayed in the Nursing profession?


Most Nurses are asked “Why did you become a Nurse?” I thought I’d ask, especially in this day and age with the turnover rate so high, job dissatisfaction running rampant, and  nurse burnout now a cliche’.

Why did you stay?

I mean seriously. This job royally sucks most of the time. We very rarely get a thank you let alone be recognized for the exhaustive efforts we put forth every single day of our lives. We’re misrepresented in  the eyes of the media as well as the public. According to popular belief, all we do is sit at the nurses’ station and “read books”, or maybe we’re “charting”.

Why would anyone want to do this job?

(Did I lay the negative sarcasm on thick enough?)

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6 thoughts on “Why have you stayed in the Nursing profession?

  1. You mentioned that you think nurses are misrepresented in the media. Why do you think this is? I think the majority of the public sees nursing as an honorable profession. Either way, thanks for sharing.

    1. Google the term ‘Nurse’, you’ll be shocked at the results you’ll get. I’m referring to the negative images, the ‘sexy nurse’, the hand maiden, the ‘doctor wannabe’, etc. The list goes on.
      As for the majority of the public, according to the latest Gallop Poll, we still rank in the top 5 as the most trusted profession (we are considered the most honest). So, it’s withing the social media and Hollywood circles that we lose touch with the reality of our profession. It’s a constant struggle.. and a work in progress. I’m hopeful that things are slowly changing for the better. 🙂

  2. I am not a nurse, yet. But I know I definitely want to become one. Why? It is something that I’ve known since I was a little girl. To be there lending a hand to someone in need. Not just for medical support but for emotional support/comfort. To be the one a patient can talk to when it’s too intimidating to talk to the doctor. I have heard of the long hard efforts but it all doesn’t matter when these amazing rewards come along.

  3. There’s plenty of times over my short career as a nurse (2 yrs) that I’ve wondered why I’ve joined this profession. Times like when I’ve gone home and had an emotional breakdown because a very young patient was dying and there was nothing anyone could do to help her except to make her comfortable or on days where everything seems to be going wrong. I’ve stepped back and asked, why did I do this to myself? I mean, I fought hard to get those two little letters after my name for this? However, then there are days when I catch a mistake before harm comes to a patient or I learn something amazing, or I hear from a patient that I’ve made a huge difference, etc. The list of reasons to stay is too long to list and far outweighs the reasons to leave.

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