And I still suck at blogging

So. I professed that I would try the WordPress driven blog- challenge to boost my post frequency.

Yep. That lasted like 2 days. I think I’ve posted two blog posts in the past month or so.


Life outside the monitor and keyboards had been quite busy. I think the acronym IRL= In Real Life has kept me quite occupied.

I’m not complaining at all!! It’s a great thing. I just can’t seem to keep up with blogging of any sort.

So I’m experimenting.

I’m gonna see what happens if I turn towards micro- blogging (again) with my old friend Tumblr. With a lil help from IFTT.

Maybe I’ll post more. I’m tinkering around with the idea of streaming more things through MyStrongMedicine.

But I’m a lil leery. Since the last time I tried this… I had blog diarrhea… With an endless annoying stream of all things from my social media.

I just want to liven up my poor blog. Maybe try and resurrect it if I can.

I gotta start somewhere.

Wish me luck.

P. S. I’m en route to 7-days at the beach. I’m on vacation!!!

from Tumblr


One thought on “And I still suck at blogging

  1. Don’t feel bad, I suck at regular blogging too, but I am resurrecting my efforts. Have you tried using the WordPress App for your phone? I just started using it for Android and it is pretty convenient. Hopefully this will help me to actually keep up with blogging. Good luck!

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