I’ve never been a ‘bling’ wearing type of nurse…

Maybe because I’m a guy? Or maybe because I don’t have bling in my personal life outside of my career? Not sure.

I’ve just never been drawn to the cool gadgets as a nurse. And after my years of working in Trauma as well as Critical Care, I don’t wear a lanyard to hold my name badge. I avoid them all together.

(One of the few exceptions when I wore a lanyard to support a good cause)

Most patients in Trauma and/or Critical Care have a grabby-grab talent with a kung-fu grip. When they get a hold of something, they grasp it with a death grip. One too many times I’ve been ‘hung’ with a lanyard.

Can you imagine a confused/crazy/not-too-nice patient getting a hold of your lanyard. Talk about no escape?!

Oh, and don’t let those ‘quick-release’ lanyards fool you into a false sense of security. Trust me.

Image source: Flickr


2 thoughts on “I’ve never been a ‘bling’ wearing type of nurse…

  1. I used to wear my stethescope around my neck as a new grad (many years ago) until I attempted to give a medication to a prisoner with one hand shackled to the siderail and a guard sitting in the hall – he was able to grab both ends of it and tried to choke me – never did that again!

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