The all or nothing principle of hair

I’ve been shaving my head for the better part of my life now. I honestly have forgotten what life was like with hair on my head.

Many moons ago when I was in (my first round of college) I lost my hairline over one summer. I discovered it one fateful day after a day out in the sun. I came home, showered and was ‘attempting’ to brush my hair became painful. After much investigating I discovered I had burned my scalp on top of my head… because the hair that used to be there… was … uhh… thinning.

The short version of this story is that I chose the ‘all or nothing’ principle when it came to me and the hair on my head. I either wanted all of it… or none of it. If I couldn’t grow a full head of hair… I was shaving it off.

Needless to say when I first took the razor to my scalp, it was not accepted as a norm in society like it is today. I remember getting accused of being a ‘skin head’ many times.

I can thank the ‘WWF’ with the likes of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and “Goldberg’ for making a bald white guy an OK thing.


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