A different type of cold weather training


2014-12-07 17.35.14

I coach & train at an old-school garage-style stone-walled CrossFit (box) gym. When I mean garage-style I literally mean it’s a garage. 4 walls of nothing but brick and numerous rolling doors. Don’t get me wrong, I love that damn place. I truly do. I love everything about my home away from home. But it’s a garage with minimal indoor heating (the walls retain the cold temps for the better part of 6 months out of the year).

In the winter months it gets a tad bit ‘nippy’. We layer our clothing and peel off as we get ‘warmed-up’.

What makes things worse for someone like me, is that I coach after a full day at work. I occasionally workout after a full day of work. So my gym bag with all my gym-rat gear sits in my car, in the cold, for up to 12-14hrs. And in my part of the world it can get pretty cold.

You can imagine how enjoyable it is to leave work, head to the gym to coach/train. I have to change into my sub-zero cooled clothing.


Talk about a shock to the system.



Yeah, like I said. I different type of cold weather training.

I guess if I really had to, or felt the urge I could lug my gym bag into work and leave it in my office for the day?


Day 7/365 a photo a day:

I always enjoy a good sunset.. #photooftheday #beautiful #365daysaphotoaday

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