Something clicked today

I had an ah-hah moment today during my workout. I’ve been struggling with the finer details of my technique with both of my lifts. It’s the small details that matter now.

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A couple weeks ago during my USAW level 1 SPC certification course the instructor made two small but amazing details about my technique and styles.

  1. My hookgrip was a bit off. In fact my grip was almost uneven on the bar. I was gripping the bar with a death grip, and I wasn’t utilizing the leverage of the hook. I made some adjustments, and it’s absolutely amazing how much more comfortable my grip is. Not to mention the calluses on my hands are almost gone now!
  2. My receiving position for both lifts have always been wishy-washy. Dare I say soft. My elbow would lock sometimes, and other times the bar would come crashing down.

My #2 problem is the topic of today’s blog post. This problem was also addressed during that USAW level 1 course. Once again the instructor pointed out my wrists were not consistent with my lifts. The were not in a stable receiving position. I was trying to muscle the barbell and hold it in position with sheer strength (the BAD position on the left in the pic below) instead of relying on my bony anatomy to carry the weight (the GOOD position on the right in the pic below).

Bone on bone

It was another ah-hah moment during that course. It made complete sense, and quite honestly I had been coaching that very thing, but I failed to apply the concept to my own lifting.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been fighting with this wrist correction. I’d think I ‘got’ it, but the lift would not feel any different.

Until this morning.

It was such an amazing ‘click’ in my head and in my lift. I did it with both my lifts at separate points during my workout. I could immediately tell the difference in the way the barbell sat on my wrist, and how I sat in the hole during the bottom of the lift. It was freaking awesome to have that ‘wholly crap’ moment.

I now understand.

I now have hope that I can move past my current PRs and maybe finally be able to add some weight. That 100kg Snatch is looking more and more attainable.

Thank you to the amazing coaches at Columbus Weightlifting for sharing such useful and valuable info. Specifically thank you to Drew Dillon, Aaron Jannetti and last but not least their head coach, owner and my USAW level 1 instructor coach Mark Cannella

Image source: An Easy Method to Teach a Perfect Weightlifting Start Position | Breaking Muscle.



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