Visiting the past helps appreciate the present

My (as well as many others) new favorite mobile app is Time Hop. It’s a nifty lil’ app that sends you a daily reminder of what you were doing on the listed day in the past. It lists them by year, so you can see what you posted (via social media) one year ago, two years ago, so on and so forth. I’ve actually had days where it shows me what I posted seven years ago! (yes, I have been posting on the regular for seven years… I’m getting old)

What’s really cool about my #timehop is re-visiting what was happening to me over the past 5+ years. The last 5 years have been quite demanding, eventful and quite entertaining. Everything from diving back into school, new jobs, new vacation adventures, new personal and physical milestones as well as a new home.

Guess what I was doing three years ago? Surprise! I was studying.

Image-1For instance I totally forgot I made the leap from the PC world to all things Mac three years ago:



And check out my day two years ago:


The funny thing is, this app is keeping me grounded by reminding me of how far I’ve come. I’ve busted my ass over the past half-decade with scholastic endeavors, work related accomplishments as well as my recent personal achievements regarding my passions outside of my employment with CrossFit and the sport of Weightlifting.

Anytime I feel stressed, or bogged down or maybe even a lil’ down I get to see what I’ve done over the past several years.

It’s a good feeling.

Hard work does pay off. Perseverance does pay off. There IS a light at the end of everyone’s tunnel.

Of course there is the comical side of taking the stroll down memory lane as well. Man I did and said some pretty entertaining things (don’t we all). You should give Time Hop a go… even if for just a good laugh or smile.

My day today:

I luckily discovered a new flavored coffee that is DA BOMB. I had to tease a friend of mine I was brewing some:

And a lil’ blogging:

I also decided to recruit the help of a blogging  prompt challenge while I’m making a vain attempt at blogging daily for 30 days:

IMG_1955I figured I’d utilize this when I’m pressed for a topic.

Until tomorrow..





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