We are creatures of habit. Just ask your car.

Isn’t it amazing how much comfort we find in our vehicles? I for one feel like a new-born with Bambi-legs learning to walk when I have to drive any other car than my own. I took my car in for some repairs this morning and had to drive my wife’s car for the day. 2014-12-02 07.34.40

My wife actually has a very nice vehicle, but man did it feel awkward. The seat feels ‘off’, you can’t seem to get the steering wheel to a good height, and you fiddle with the side-view and rear-view mirrors for what seems a lifetime to get them just right.

Just… all kinds of awkward.

Then the gas and brake pedal don’t have the same ‘feel’ as your own trusted vehicle, so you end up either pumping and slamming on the brakes, or you almost get into an accident because you didn’t brake soon enough. Then there is the whiplash effect that happens when you depress the gas pedal and the car takes off like a dragster.

Just… all kinds of awkward.

I only had a single afternoon of this awkwardness. I got my car back this evening, and boy did I miss it!!!

Here’s to the creature comforts of personalized vehicles!!!!


2/365 photo a day:


OH! And can you believe this was 2 years ago?:

2 years ago!!?? Wow. #nurselife

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