Blogging challenge


I’ve decided I’m tired of being a bad blogger. I’m challenging myself to blog every day for 30 days starting today, December 1st.
I’m enjoying a last minute schedule change mini-vacation. I had several days off for the holiday, including the weekend. I competed in another weightlifting competition. And now I get to enjoy some additional leisure time off before I get ‘punished’ with working a crazy amount of days for the remainder of the month.
I must admit I get another reprieve at the end of the month with more time off.
It’s just that time in-between!! I think I work 16/18 some-odd days??
It could get interesting.
In the meantime I’ve decided to kick start my blogging skillz again. AAND I’m also diving back into the photo a day challenge this month.
Why not…… right?!

As part of this blog self- induced challenge I’m attempting to blog from my phone. I’m testing out the native WordPress iOS app for this post. I’ve used it for simple blog posts before. But never for any lengthy writing. So wish me luck.
In the meantime the winter season is slowly rolling in, here in my part of the world. I’m utilizing the fireplace more than ever now.
My time off will be spent blogging, coaching and training. Oh, and picture taking.
I figured all of this will help me with the Sean Dent Show (you remember I have my own show?)

Stay tuned for lots of rambling!!!

Image source: Yep. Our cat Pixie enjoying the warmth of the fire


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