It’s all about the barbell. Living the dream. USAW sports performance coach

I continue to live the dream. My dream.

I spent the weekend attending a USAW Spots Performance Coaching certification course (formerly the USAW level 1). Something I have been wanting to attain for quite some time. I guess you could say the barbell bug bit me 3 years ago when CrossFit entered my life.

I dabbled with all things Olympic Weightlifting from the perspective of a CrossFit athlete, but really didn’t dig deep into the nuts and bolts of the sport of Weightlifting until a year ago this month when I entered as a participant in the ‘60 day challenge’ hosted by Columbus Weightlifting.

It just grew from there. I did the first challenge with some fellow athletes at my CrossFit box. It became quite the experience, enhanced by some great continuous personal feedback via the 60 day weightlifting challenge facebook page (and then private facebook group).

I was getting top tier coaching cues from some of the best weightlifting coaches on this side of the country. During that first challenge I hit numerous PR’s, even as I suffered through numerous injuries and setbacks.

The summer progressed. My box initiated and founded our very own barbell club. I attained my CrossFit level 1 trainer certification. Then I started to assist and eventually coach our barbell club.

I had (and still have) weightlifting fever. My next stop was talking the talk and gaining the knowledge to be able to coach my athletes at a higher level of performance. I also wanted to improve my own personal performance.

The stars aligned this past weekend. I got to rub shoulders with one of the premiere Olympic weightlifting coaches in the U.S., Mark Cannella. The man has a laundry list of experience. He’s been involved with and coaching the olympic lifts for the past 15+ years, including personally coaching numerous national champions and former and current Olympians!!!

Shut. The. Front. Door.

Here were some pics taken by our head coach as well as Mark:

(guess who I was? Yep, the guy in full depth squat. Big surprise)

Yep. I caught the bug.

I’ll be looking  for my USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coaching certificate.






2 thoughts on “It’s all about the barbell. Living the dream. USAW sports performance coach

  1. Good luck Sean! Glad you had a great time at the USAW SPC, and during the 60 Day Challenge! We’re excited to watch the success of you and your athletes!

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