The problem with commuting…


Nothing was more aggravating than that ONE driver who thought they were ‘smarter’ than the rest. Better yet, how about having a handful of drivers who thought they were smarter than the flow of traffic. The last time I checked everyone who was commuting was trying to get to their destination just as fast as the next person.


I was a commuter for years. I commuted a long distance for a former job, then I commuted again for school. Traffic patterns and flow was so temperamental, just when you think you had it figured out…. you’re sitting in your car (AGAIN) for hours on end.

I can remember when I first starting commuting. I thought to myself, “this will be a great way to decompress after a stressful day”

[face palm]

What made things really fun was during inclement weather.

Gewd times… ahh the memories.




Image source: Driving – iFunny :.


2 thoughts on “The problem with commuting…

  1. Ha, Sean! Years ago, I sat in traffic, late again during a commute to work. Right then and there I decided I’d never do it again. I put a “for sale” sign on my home that evening.
    I moved in close, eliminating commuting altogether. I feel so strongly about it that I factor driving time into career choices.

    1. You and me both dear! I too factor in the drive/commute in my career choices. Ergo why I live 10min from my job!!!! Things they don’t tell you in nursing school…. LOL

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