That first question on an exam….


Was it just me, or did that first question on an exam make or  break you? I mean seriously. When the first question on the exam tripped me up, confused me or completely perplexed me… my confidence for the remainder of the exam went down the tubes.

All I could think was, “Good gawd… please don’t let me fail, please don’t let me fail”.

I would wonder, did I even study this stuff??!!!

Am I alone on this one??

Image source: Taking a test – iFunny :.


3 thoughts on “That first question on an exam….

  1. Toughest exam I ever had was the 1989 CCRN. But, hey, if it was Easy EVERYBODY would do it, right?

  2. Nope. Definitely not alone! I wish the first question of every exam would be one of those hug-type question…you know…the ones that make you feel happy and confident inside and allow you to sit through the other 99 questions that will likely kick your confidence’s ass.

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