Lessons from a Year as Just a Nurse

Beautifully written blog about lessons learned as a first year nurse. Worth the read for all levels of nursing!!!

“Learning to go with the flow has been a valuable lesson …..watching the nurses who have burnt out early versus those with impressive staying power seems to be highly correlated with their ability to let things go without getting bent out of shape over it”

“I have learned that I am never, ever alone.”

“Teamwork works, and it is often so natural in this environment that it goes unnoticed.”

“if you focus on the glory of what you do going to someone else you won’t miss it if it isn’t there”

“There’s a big difference between wanting recognition for the nursing profession and recognition for your self, as a nurse. Don’t mess with the latter, its risky business and can lead you down a slippery slope…… What matters instead, is that you learn to not find your worth in what you do based on the praise you receive for it.”

According to Kateri

I learned a lot in Kindergarten, but unfortunately, and contrary to popular belief, I didn’t learn everything. It felt like I learned a lot in nursing school, but it still wasn’t enough. I have learned a lot in nursing, in my years thus far of being a nurse at the bedside. But most of all, I have learned exponentially more than I would have imagined in a year of open dialogue with nurses; from nursing students to seasoned nurses. Burnt-out nurses to those still full of naïve passion. These are some of the most valuable lessons I learned and applied in the past year.

Don’t cry over spilled…

Poop. They say don’t cry over spilled milk, but I have worked in NICUs and PICUs and I can tell you that a drop, an ounce, a whole frozen milksicle of hard earned maternal breast milk is certainly worth crying over…

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