Wishing my wife a very Happy Anniversary. Thank you for saying yes, angel.

It all started over 10 years ago. This beautiful red head I met while taking pre-req courses for nursing school. We went on to attend the same nursing school, and ironically sat next to each other in class. (I thought she was quite the looker)

We ‘danced’ a while during nursing school. We played the on-again-off-again dating game for quite some time before we both figured out how to live in the present. Late night phone conversations lasting til three in the morning. Instant messaging conversations that distracted me from studying. And text messaging conversations that grabbed my attention.

10 years later, with now 9 years of marriage under our belt, and I still love her madly.

The crystal poem in our glass cabinet at home
The crystal poem in our glass cabinet at home

She is the air I breathe, and is THE reason for all my happiness. During our diploma nursing program graduation ceremony, we all got to thank those that helped us get through school. I of course thanked her, and said, “Jill, you are my everything

The day of our wedding, I surprised her with a gift in her dressing room with a crystal, that had a poem etched into it. At the end of the poem it read, “you are my everything“. I told her a long, long time ago that she is my everything.

And she still is.

She is everything good in my life. She is the rock. She is my sounding board. She is my sage listener. She leads by example. She never gives up, ever. She’s quite the problem solver. She always finds a way. She is tough as nails. She lifts up others. She is self-less. She is passionate. She is funny. She loves to laugh. She has a mesmerizing smile. She has the biggest heart. She has the kindest soul. She gets more beautiful each day I am with her (yep… she’s a hottie). She’s one hell of a dresser. Not to mention a talented jewelry-maker. While not the most graceful, she is full of grace and poise. She has a glow about her, that infects all those who come near her. You can’t help but have a better day when you are in her presence.

I am a better person, a better husband, a better man  because of her.

Thank you Angel for saying yes.


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