Resting and insanity

It looks like I’m sidelined. I’m officially on the ‘injured reserved’ list as of last Sunday. I suffered quite the hip injury last Sunday night weightlifting.

I just finished a 7-day stretch of shifts and went in to test my 1 rep max for my lifts. I failed miserably with both lifts. I was definitely tired, but I wasn’t sloppy. i just wasn’t on my game. I finished the night out with max back squats by testing my 1 rep max. Everything was going well, until the last rep. I met my previous max weight, and actually had upped it by 5%. I was feeling pretty confident, and my legs felt fresh, so I added another 5%. Then..


I’m pretty sure if there was anyone around who could see my face, it would have been ghost-like. I was convinced I suffered a hernia injury, an inguinal hernia of all things!!

an example of an abdominal muscle tear

Thankfully I did not suffer an inguinal hernia, but a severe hip injury. I have a severe muscle strain and severe ligament sprain (I’ll spare you the details). The disheartening news is that I’m out of commission for probably 4 -6 weeks, given the nature and location of my injury. It’s going to take some serious time to heal properly.

I must admit, I haven’t experienced that level of pain in a very long time, if ever. And the injury itself has scared me silly. Now squatting of any kind has been scarred for life. I’m always going to think about this injury every time I squat now.


I spent about 36 hours wallowing in anger and self-pity, before I snapped out of my funk. It was just so defeating, since I had been working so hard, training so diligently and making such huge gains in my lifts and training. Now I’m going to have to almost start over.

So, now my new mantra: #downbutnotout

Operation rehab has already started. I’m taking the advice of my primary care provider, and letting pain direct what I do and don’t do. I experimented with various movements at the gym to see what I can do pain-free, and my exercise are very limited, but I refuse to stay down.

Besides, If I do nothing for next 4-6 weeks???? Whew. I don’t even want to think what kind of CRAZEE I’d be. Not to mention I’d probably get kicked out of my house for being the most unbearable husband on the face of the earth (I’ve been known to get a LITTLE cranky when I miss just a couple days of training)

So I’m attempting to take the high road and rise above this. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to provide a good example to others on how to properly recover from an injury, and what measures you can take to fully heal. I guess I’m putting my money where my mouth is so-to-say, heh heh.  As a former Certified Athletic Trainer and current Nurse Practitioner, I better act right huh?

I can’t help but continually run that moment through my mind, over and over again to figure out what went wrong, what failed, what weakened. Most injuries like this are caused by either an imbalance or some sort of mechanical failure. Ironically I have a video of ‘the injury, and I can’t seem to answer any of these questions floating around my head. I’ve even shared the video with fellow coaches, and they can’t answer the questions either.

I’m supposed to accept that it was just bad luck, I guess. Grr.

Regardless of the why, why not, woulda, coulda or shoulda’s. I’m going to take this road to recovery one day at a time so that I can heal completely and get back to picking up that barbell.

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2 thoughts on “Resting and insanity

  1. Dannnnnngggg……….that looks so painful! You have a great attitude, Dude! Hope you get better soon!

    1. It was and I can’t be any other way. The falling down isn’t what is the failure, it’s the not getting back up. Thanks for the kind words!

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