Coffee? Did someone say COFFEE?

Photo May 05, 11 34 01 AM

Well, it’s official. I no longer have a coffee addiction. I have successfully weaned myself from my abusive amount of coffee that I was drinking daily to a mere cup or two in the morning. I honestly will slowly just stop drinking the stuff all together relatively soon. It’s crazy to say, I’m slowly losing the taste for it.

I went from drinking close to 2 pots of coffee a day to 2 cups.

Not too shabby ehh?

I now have another problem though. I seem to have traded one addiction for another. Instead of a coffee mug in my hand you’ll see this:

2014-04-24 07.39.13

I’ve become ‘THAT‘ guy. The ‘Shaker Cup’ guy.

Heh heh…


One thought on “Coffee? Did someone say COFFEE?

  1. Hey Sean–just wanted to say I recently found your blog while looking for healthcare and nursing blogs, and am really happy to have landed on your site. It’s really enjoyable! In regards to cutting the coffee cord–congrats. Any chance you’ll eventually move towards something like tea?

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