Putting fingers to the keyboard…

2014-04-04 11.29.06

That’s my weak analogous attempt at the age old idiom “taking pen to paper”. Now a-days most of us ‘type’ instead of ‘write’.

But I digress…

I’m a horrible blogger. I have all these topics I want to blog about, but I have no motivation to actually take my fingers to the keyboard and type. We could call it laziness I guess? I mean I’m by no means staring endlessly at the computer screen. It’s just the opposite. Life has gotten a bit busy for me.  My (sort of) new job is thriving,I have no complaints at all in that department. I’m settling in nicely to my new career as an ACNP. I couldn’t be happier with that decision as well as the specific position I chose. I consider that series of events and choices to be one of the best and luckiest thing that has happened to me and my career thus far. I can foolishly say I wish I would have done this from the start, but then I wouldn’t be in this exact position and point would I?

My time has been occupied most recently by my passion for exercise. CrossFit has been a major part of my life (for the past handful of years), but ever since we made the move to the new town and my leap into the ‘real’ world of CrossFit when I joined a CrossFit gym (box) my life has been catapulted into a new an exciting world.

I’ve gone from the ‘new guy’ in the gym to becoming a member of  the coaching staff. I’ve gone from doing CrossFit and having a closet passion for (Olympic) weightlifting to being a competitive weightlifter who occasionally does CrossFit!

I’m now the go-to coach for all things mobility at my gym. I’m pursuing weightlifting full-time with two USAW sanctioned weightlifting competitions under my belt. And I occasionally do CrossFit when time permits.

It’s weird. It’s exciting. It’s challenging and amazingly gratifying. It’s also spending a lot of time away from the computer screen and keyboard. My blogging has stalled a bit, but I’m trying to fix that.

The side-effect to all of this is that my blog has been A LOT less of nursing and a lot more of exercise. My challenge and preference is that I prefer not to blog too much about me and my adventures as a new Acute Care NP. My new career requires a great deal of professionalism, privacy and respect for my colleagues as well as my patients. So my normal off-the-cuff humor and scuttlebutt conversations I used to blog about have been all but eliminated. As an NP there are many, many, many topics of debate out there and I choose not to address them here on my personal blog. Everything from NP’s lobbying for independent practice to the ever-so polarized conversation about ‘Obama-care’ interests and intrigues me, but most of the internet conversations have not been productive, so I choose to not have that part of my blog.

All that being said, my blog will stay as random as ever, with the majority of my thoughts being about weightlifting and CrossFit. I’m still interested in blogging about nursing topics, but after 7+ years of blogging about nursing…. that well just might have dried up. Who knows….



3 thoughts on “Putting fingers to the keyboard…

  1. I don’t know if nurses are unsung, but they should be recognized more.

    If you have ever been in a hospital, medical center or hospice & ACNP, you KNOW it isn’t the docs… it is the nurses that make that place run.

  2. Dear Shawn, I have been retired from nursing for 16yrs. What is a ACNP? Now to respond to your blog woes. Going in a new direction such as sports can help many of us nurses, especially in these competitive times in nursing. I have done quilting since my retirement as an RN, have branched out to so many different routes all via the arts, as fabric arts, painting, music, etc. Sometimes what we have started out doing is done, and we need new paths to talk about. This is what keeps us alive emotionally. I enjoy all the different topics you write about. I would also like to hear, what benefits from Crossifit you enjoy. Exercise opens our hearts, soul, and body. Keep expanding on this, please. Pat (_rmiodonski@aol.com_ (mailto:rmiodonski@aol.com) )

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