For Health and Longevity | CrossFit Games.

Every so often people ask me why I do CrossFit. I give them the plethora of reasons why I participate in such an amazing endeavor and urge them to join the ranks.

I get the standard shelved response of, “Isn’t that dangerous?”, and the ever shocking, “I’m too old for that”. After I reveal that I’m in my 40’s and show them what 50, 60 and even 70 year old CrossFit athletes are accomplishing I then ask them:

“Why AREN’T you doing CrossFit?”


2 thoughts on “Because aged does not equal unfit

  1. I think CrossFit is great for it’s ability to get people excited about fitness, as well as its ability to remove much of the fear people have about Olympic lifts.

    The only thing that gets me is that Mr. Glassman does not appear to live his own brand. It’s like taking advice from a broke financial planner. That being said many of the athletes in the sport are just amazing!

    1. Very true Amanda, but I believe he suffered an injury at some point during his Gymnastic career (I’ll have to look it up), which is why you see the limp. I will agree he can be a bit unkempt at times.

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