Tattooed and professional

Josh Wrede: Creating Art on Skin – YouTube.

Do you know what the difference is between a tattooed person and a non-tattooed person?

The tattooed person doesn’t care that you don’t have tattoos.

I’m a professional. I’m a nurse practitioner. I’m a health care provider. And I have tattoos (yes more than one). While they are not exposed when I am wearing my work attire I have an admittedly biased, but honest belief that tattoos do not make the person. The person makes the tattoos.

I often find entertainment in reactions from people who know me through my professional life realize and maybe even see that I have tattoos.

“*GASP* YOOU have a tattoo??!!”

I’m sure I read into the reaction a bit, but it gives the impression that they’re shocked that ‘I’ have a tattoo. The ‘professional’. The health care provider. (I mean… Sean… you just don’t LOOK like a tattoo person)


What DOES a tattoo person look like then? Hmm.

Yes. I have tattoos. (not that they were some big secret)

I don’t feel it makes me any less of a professional. It doesn’t diminish the quality, nor nullify the work I do. It’s simply an expression of me. Each tattoo represents something in my life (no matter how poor or how faded the tattoo may be)

Now, I must also admit that there should be a certain balance when it comes to tattoos in the professional world. Part of being a professional is maintaining a certain level of professionalism, more specifically your appearance. I feel that tattoo sleeves, neck and hand tattoos can be a bit much for my patients. In that same respect I also think dangly earrings, over-the-top body piercings (non-traditional I guess), unkempt  facial and head hair, tattered clothing and lack of personal hygiene are also not ideal appearance qualities for the professional. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Like I said, I believe in balance.

— —

The above video just reminds me that I promised myself another tattoo to signify my graduation from school. I’m already 7 months late on that promise.


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