My holiday stories that are still being told

Aaahhhhh…. the memories. I remember as a child waking up on Christmas day anxious to open gifts. Was I the only one who couldn’t sleep that night? I can remember trying to wake my parents up at 330a in the morning just to open presents. They were such good sports. They would get up every year bright and early. As we got older i think they pushed the ‘wake -up’ call farther and farther back to a more humane hour in the morning like 7 or 8am.

Heh heh.

And then there were the toys. And the games!!! I would just get lost in all the toys we would get, large and small. And the games were always a highlight of my holiday because ‘Santa’  was wise beyond his years. He would make sure to have games that the kids could play, but also family oriented games that all ages could enjoy.

For instance this gem of an item pictured above dubbed Rubik’s Magic Rings. This was of course another puzzle solving madness of a toy from that darn Rubik’s Cube gang. This time you had to unlink the rings.

The latticed shaped board was connected by string hinges that folded onto itself. You flipped and flopped the pieces to make a vain attempt at separating the rings.

It was THE craze during one particular holiday season. I can remember opening up this package and just going nuts in anticipation of who could solve this bad boy first (in my family). We all took turns messing around with it that whole xmas morning. I think we all took turns picking it up for who knows how long before giving up and setting it  back down on the table in the living room (probably followed by a few colored words describing our defeat).

It was always a duel between the kids and my dad. My dad was an ace at these type of games. He could solve them in half the time anyone else could in the family. So we all were deflated knowing that dad was gonna out-do us again. The irony of that fateful morning is that he couldn’t crack it.

I’m pretty sure he picked that puzzle up half a dozen times that morning before we all started the traditional ‘visitation preparation’ with everyone taking turns in the shower, getting dressed in (some times) new holiday garb.

As I was walking down the hallway of the old house to the living room to take another stab at that monster of a puzzle, I could hear my dad grumbling, fumbling around with the sound of crackling plastic in the background.



And *poof* just like that. The puzzle was in pieces.

There were shards of plastic and what looked like fishing wire in one big ball on the table.

Apparently the puzzle pissed my dad off (heh heh). It seems my dad was trying to figure out just how the puzzle ‘worked’ and in the process disconnected something vital.. and voila’… the puzzle just crumbled into it’s constituents.

— My dad was known for not following directions well when things had to be constructed or assembled. He sort of did it his own way. Power tools were always involved, even though all required tools came pre-packaged (love ya dad) —

If you’ve ever seen ‘The Christmas Story’, this Rubik’s Magic Link story is sort of legendary in my household. Likened to the ‘Leg Lamp’ debacle with Ralphie’s Dad’s major award. We still talk about it to this day.

Ahh… the memories.


Rubik’s Magic: Link the Rings


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