My Christmas Eve this year

First of all I live in a snow belt now, so I’m still adjusting to the new ‘volume’ of snow we get versus the amount of snow we got in our previous residence. Ironically we only moved 80+ miles north from our former home, but we crossed over into not only the ‘snow belt’ but also the ‘lake effect’ snow.

From The Weather Channel’s website:

Lake effect snows occur when a mass of sufficiently cold air moves over a body of warmer water, creating an unstable temperature profile [1] in the atmosphere.

As a result, clouds build over the lake and eventually develop into snow showers and squalls as they move downwind. The intensity of lake effect snow is increased when higher elevations downwind of the lake force the cold, snow-producing air to rise even further.

The most likely setting for this localized type of snowfall is when very cold Arctic air rushes over warmer water on the heels of a passing cold front, as often happens in the Great Lakes region during winter.

Winds accompanying Arctic air masses generally blow from a west or northwest direction, causing lake effect snow to fall on the east or southeast sides of the lakes.

Whether an area gets a large amount of snow from lake effect is dependent on the direction of the winds, the duration they blow from a particular direction, and the magnitude of the temperature difference between the water and air.

Since cold air can hold very little moisture and the low level of the atmosphere is quite unstable, clouds form very rapidly, condensation occurs and snow begins to fall. Lake effect snow is lighter than snow that forms from frontal stratus or nimbostratus.

Areas of relatively high elevation downwind of the Great Lakes generally receive heavier amounts of lake effect snow than do other locations in this region.

Needless to say, we’re adjusting. About 10 days ago we got blanketed and hammered with non-stop snow for 4 or 5 days straight. It was the ‘not-pretty’ type that became unfriendly to the road traffic. The irony is that all that snow melted away to some whopping 60 degree weather last weekend.


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But alas… it was short lived. We got more snow the past two days. Don’t get me wrong.. I actually love the snow, I just dislike driving in it. Yes, it’s completely ironic. I know. Heh heh.


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Fresh snowfall on Christmas Eve morning on my way to my CrossFit Box. Then it just kept comin’..

I'm dreaming of a…..

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Of course, a white Christmas Eve wouldn’t be complete without the traditional yule tide fire..

Cozy lil' fire for this snowy Christmas Eve

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Although I mayyyyy have made the fire a bit ‘explosive’ it roared so much and gave off an amazing glow

Loving the glow from the fireplace

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My holiday wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my CrossFit family by topping the holiday off with a brutally wicked workout.. right? I mean that’s what we CrossFit lovin fools do.

Just in case you’re not a math wizard, that is a total of 364 reps from start to finish. It took me around 35 minutes or so?? This was one of those days at CrossFit where the time really doesn’t matter a whole lot, it was just spending time with some good people, putting in some work, making ourselves better than yesterday.

Came home after that great workout and pretty much lounged around most of the day, except for a brief period of wrapping gifts.

All in all a pretty freakin’ awesome day. Not to mention my wife was called off at work due to a low census, so she spent the day with me.

Day = complete

A light Christmas Eve snowfall @frogeyes10 #eriegram

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone.

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