Exiting a public restroom…

This is not a new topic for me ( To Push or Pull – THAT is the Question?) I’ve blogged about this a couple times over the years. The same concept still applies. After you’ve washed and dried your hands, do you have to pull a door handle to exit the bathroom?

Guess what? Most cases of the common head cold are due to someone not washing their hands. Whether you or someone else. The microorganism(s) that cause the common head cold are transferred and transmitted from one person to another by simply touching the same object that a sick person handled. (Go back and review the fomites and vectors link)

So I ask the same question? Why do some establishments have the proper combination and others don’t? What is even more bizarre is that the facilities that have you pull the handle to get out of the bathroom are sometimes, more often than you’d expect, HOSPITALS.

By the way, I didn’t even mention the process of washing your hands and then drying them. Ever stop and think about what your wet hands touch after you’re done washing them and are looking for something to dry them?

You successfully cleaned them. Now you have to dry them. Most of the time you have to pull that handle on the paper dispenser!


I remember seeing this idea years ago:


Well, until this much needed foot-handle is standard issue, I’ll continue to look like this exiting the public restroom:


Every toilet door should have this installed

Public restrooms


2 thoughts on “Exiting a public restroom…

  1. C’mon Sean this is easy. Dispense the towels before you was your hands, then they are ready to go when your hands are wet. Use the towels to open the door. Now, if they only have electric hand dryers, we are all screwed.

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