Fear of the unknown

Emotional correctness.

Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. It’s one of our inaleinable rights. These opinions are what make us as a whole. But what about those who don’t agree with your opinions? How do you explain and/or defend your own opinions and beliefs when they are challenged? I mean if you’re entitled to yours, then they are entitled to theirs.

How are your debating skills? Do you stick to the facts? Do you get offended easily? Do you  disagree or simply argue? Do you look for common ground, or just want to be right? Can you refute another opinion without demeaning or degrading it?

The art of navigating through a debate is a learned and exhaustive skill that most of us do not do well. We spend too much time labeling a person instead of understanding a person. Instead of explaining and interpreting we become stand-offish and defensive.

To this day we allow the fear to control our actions. To control our reactions. The fear of the unknown. The fear of something different. The fear of something new. Those who are good at debating / negotiating / LISTENING have mastered the art of this fear. They have control of their emotions.

Sally Kohn: Let’s try emotional correctness | Video on TED.com.


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