Every year we take home leftover holiday food. Every year I say we’ll eat the stuff. And every year it goes to waste.

I’m just not a ‘leftover meal’ kinda guy. Never have been. Don’t get me wrong! I’m the microwave re-heat champ when it comes to warming food. I grew up on microwavable food prep and don’t even get me started on making ‘fried bologna’ as a kid. I mean there weren’t many meals I had growing up where we DIDN’T utilize the microwave.

Hmm. Maybe that’s part of the reason for my lack of interest in leftovers these days??


Leftover Pumpkin Pie. The picture below does a great job at explaining how most of my family eats their Pumpkin Pie:

This is how you eat leftover pumpkin pie.

Would you like some pie with your whip cream?? Jus’ sayin’.


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