NaBloPoMo November. A Post A Day. Mission Accomplished

NaBloPoMo November 2013


I did it!! I wrote a blog post every day during the 30-day month of November. It actually wasn’t all that difficult. I had to be structured at times, but for the most part my blogging habits didn’t veer to far off  the beaten path.

I’m still an off-the-cuff, spontaneous, in-the-moment blogger. My ‘style’ of blogging is very impromptu with very little planning. The only time I really ‘scheduled’ any posts was during my long stretches of working consecutive days in a row. On those days I knew  I wouldn’t have a lot of extra time on my hands and would be tired so I scheduled blog posts that coincided with my schedule.

I utilized my calender on my desk and would check off days that I had scheduled posts. So I knew ahead of time. By the end of the month I had quite the system. I AALLMOST failed at posting every day during the week of Thanksgiving. I hadn’t scheduled a post on the actual Thanksgiving holiday, I was already lying in bed… and it dawned on me!
I was very appreciative of my iPad, let me tell you.

The quality of my posts ranged from wordless pictures to the traditional (old school) type long-form blog posts (Thanks again Mike). After a while I started to enjoy finding things to blog about. My blog topics were just as varied as the length of my posts. I continued to share useless humor as well as topics on all things Nursing and of course my newest passion (obsession) CrossFit.

I’m going to continue moving forward and try to keep up with the “post a day” concept (look out December!) I have saved and utilized all of the resources listed on BlogHer and I have tons of blog prompts awaiting their turn as well as topics I’ve been collecting.

I’m starting to use Evernote a little more for my blogging. Webclippings, pictures, journal entries and anything else I can save to Evernote helps. I also downloaded a ‘Distraction Free’ app on my Mac to keep me focused when I’m typing up a blog post.

Blogging is starting to be fun again…

8 Blog-Changing Lessons Learned From NaBloPoMo | BlogHer.


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