A slap in the face from reality

So. Uhm. Yeah. This is how my weekend has been

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So. This weekend did not have a great start. I payed (literally & figuratively) a visit to the local ER this morning for an intractable back pain that had literally debilitated me.

I had been having a sore back (about a week ago) that I rested and rehabilitated appropriately. I did a workout yesterday finding my new 1 RM olympic lift total (Snatch & Clean and Jerk). Made it home and had a ‘tight’ back that was kinda-sorta sore. I felt it ‘cramping’ up on me.

I immediately took care of it in my traditional manner. I tested it out. What hurt. What didn’t What symptoms I had/ not had, etc. (Having a handful of degrees and certifications can be both a blessing and a curse). I mobilized. I stretched. And I rested.

I woke up this morning and it felt as if someone had shot me. The act of rolling out of bed was a chore. Then walking down the steps and trying to put on clothes was almost unattainable. Sitting was bearable, but walking and standing were impossible at times.

Again, I chalked it up to over-use and maybe some acute irritation (yes, I began my day in pure denial). But my morning got progressively worse. At one point simple remedial tasks were full fledged affairs. I mean showering was agonizing.

I of course had done the usual self-diagnoses yesterday and again this morning, but the pain was GREATLY out of proportion. It was horribly unbearable to the point of bringing me to tears and breaking out in a cold sweat.
The cold sweat & searing pain was the red flag for me (yes, a DOH/DUH moment). I know enough about (functional) human anatomy & physiology to know my body was going down for the count (literally & figuratively). There was no amount of rest or mobility that was going to help me. I sheepishly accepted defeat and my beautiful wife taxi’d me to the ER.
It was hard enough being a nurse, but now the Nurse Practitioner being the patient is quite humbling (and aggravating). I tried to be the good patient, and not push my profession on those who were treating me. As hard as you try, the fact that you work in health care always seeps out into the evaluation and treatment triage.
I think I did a good job not being an #ss.
In the end, I was treated very well. My ‘ER’ experience was very appropriate, timely and proficient.
Now I just have to get my back to cooperate.

Oh, and by the way, giving an IM injection is VERY different from receiving one.
Jus’ sayin’.

Oh and this was one of the many texts I got today after I let the  cat out of the bag that I was in the ER:


We all knew that was coming.


The most frustrating part for me is not being able to connect the dots. I can usually connect cause-effect. But there is no source/cause of this. I did nothing different. I did nothing excessive. I did nothing crazy. Nothing that I haven’t done over the past 2+ years. Because if I knew what caused this wallop, I’d sure as heck avoid it at all costs!

I’ve been humbled this weekend. I started to take for granted all the things I can physically do (thanks to CrossFit). I won’t do that again. A harsh but needed slap back into reality.

Needless to say, me and CrossFit will be having a long discussion once I recover from this.


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