So this one time… on Black Friday..

There was a vague, yet significant time in my life when I was not in health care (shocker -yes). Retail was my forte’.


Yes. I work for a very popular retail chain many moons ago. It begun as a means for the poor college student to pay the bills, but evolved into a full-fledged career. A career I none-the-less did not continue (long hours, crappy pay, and just wasn’t my ball o’ wax.. jus’ sayin’).

Black Friday, as you already have figured out, is the gravy-train of the retail world. It represents the culmination of an entire years worth of revenue (not an exaggeration). Back then stores actually closed their doors on the Thanksgiving holiday…


Crazy concept huh? Employees actually having time off to spend with their family?? Woah. They actually locked the doors and turned off the lights. I mean EVERYBODY was home (no night shift, nothing, nada).

Anyhoo…. I digress.

The store had to be opened of course bright and early on that fateful Friday morning. And I was the ‘new manager’ so it was my turn to unlock the entrance doors. No biggie. I got this.

I couldn’t quite understand why all my fellow managers and employees were giggling and snickering?


Needless to say I caught on quickly when I saw  the front foyer. The doors were only locked by a single counter-clockwise locking 2 inch bolt. So when I approached the doors.. they were bowing in. I literally had to push the doors forward to unlock the bolt. The customers were packed like sardines in the foyer… which pushed on the doors.

Needless to say I unlock the doors…. and BAM!!!

Doors swing open so hard they almost unhinge. I get slammed up against the wall.. pinned like velcro..

Employees on Black Friday / iFunny

All in the name of a sale.

This is why I never step foot into a store on Black Friday. Simple craziness. I have seen some of the ugliest performances of fellow human beings. Just to save a few dollars. People crashing and running others over with shopping carts, screaming, yelling, etc.


Sad, but true.

I’ll be perfectly happy with Cyber Monday.


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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