What I believe

believe1. It takes a village to raise a child

2. Hate begets more severe hate, but love somehow does not

3. people kill people, not guns

4. people kill people, not cars

5. people kill people, not planes

6. we have a responsibility to suck it up and survive, not passively walk through life like a victim

7. we are our own worst enemy

8. advice always sounds great when you’re dishing it out.

9. complaining always sounds so horrible when it’s not coming from your own mouth

10. nobody communicates anymore, they just scream empty statements

11. if 1 out of every 100 people would truly pay it forward, the world would be a safer place

12. learning can be very difficult, especially when most of us are tone deaf

13. Occam’s razor can be applied to anything and everything life throws at you

14. there is a reason we have one mouth and two ears: listen twice as much as you speak – some still haven’t figured that one out

15. we’ve begun to hate each other so much that it’s now a catch phrase (haters)

16. i refuse to believe that today’s children need/require/should be treated with psychotropic medications. what happened?

17. the world is at our fingertips, yet we have lost the ability to connect to our neighbors without a device

18. health is not passive. It’s your fault you are in the condition you are in. you are not a victim.

19. happiness is not a situational result.

20. what you say is ultimately more important than what you do. physical injuries can heal, emotional ones sometimes do not.

21. excuses are not promises, but promises have some how become excuses?

22. nothing can replace good ole’ fashion hard work. Earn it.

23.freedom is not free. The only time most of us remember this is during state and national holiday recognition.

24. if experience is your only education, you might be missing something.

25. we should spend more time disconnected than connected. Go offline.


Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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