November: 30 days of Thanks


I’m a lil late to the party. So I decided to start from the beginning and celebrate my thanks in the most spontaneous manner I could think of.

Here are my 22 days of thanks that I wrote in a matter of minutes:

1. a blessing: my wife

2. a time when I was strong:coping and surviving my near death experience

3. a person that lifts you up: my mother-in-law

4. family: while we have had our ups and downs I’m proud to be their son

5. friends: most of my friends have come and gone. I’m thankful for the tremendous number I have met in my new home

6. you children: my crazy cats, my nieces and nephews.

7. a failure you have had: not getting into CRNA school

8. a success: graduating with my MSN

9. food: bacon

10. words of wisdom: carpe diem

11. a photo: my wife and I

My absolute favorite picture #photooftheday #instacc #instacc365d0121 #hug

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12. job: my current and first job as an ACNP has been an enjoyable adventure thus far

13. book: I wish I could remember the name of it, I read it this past spring on memory…

14. a life lesson: trusting one self is far more difficult than trusting a stranger

15. charity: Im so very bad at it

16. a shining moment: marrying my wife

17. health: very proud of how I’ve improved my attitude on my health over the past 7 years

18. a daily indulgence: coffee

19. a trip: looking forward to a weekend trip w/ my wife next weekend. miss our beach get a ways

20. a project I did: wow. drawing a blank here.

21. dessert: cheesecake. boy I miss it. looking forward to a slice during the holidays

22. faith: I believe, just not by anyone else’s rules or standards

Stay tuned. I’ll either update and re-post this for future days. Or I’ll just copy it forward to a new post. I’ll do all 30 days for the month.

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