The feeling of safe

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Safety has never really been a hot topic in my life. My wife claims it’s because I’m a guy (pun). It might help that I’m also a former Unite States Marine.
My wife also kindly reminds me that I ‘look the part’. Meaning I have ‘muscle’ and a physique.

All thoughts worth pondering…
When I think of safety… I rewind in my mind over the span of one’s life. Safety takes on many forms and wears many faces (or disguises). As a child I felt safe because I had a loving family and a father who protected me. I felt the love, support and protection throughout my  childhood and into my pre-teen years.
As a teen-ager that same man taught me the value of sticking up for myself during a confrontation. While I never went looking for a fight, I was taught a very valuable leasing about defending yourself and defending those who need it. I was taught basic self-defense through both purposeful instruction by my father, and by trial and error surviving the ‘scrapping’ physical altercations that were common in the neighborhood where I grew up.
As a high school graduate I enlisted in the USMC fairly early. And again I was given both former and ‘off-the-cuff’ instruction on how to defend myself.
I guess I should take a step  back and define or clarify what I consider to be ‘unsafe’. My best personal definition would be in harms way, whether that be physical or emotional. Safe would imply free from harm or hurt and free from the implied intent to harm or hurt.
The threat of safety can easily be ‘implied’ even though none exists. Take for example how one feels walking the streets of a city, or a neighborhood. The safety of walking through the suburbs would feel very different than walking through an abandoned or run-down part of  the inner city. That’s just simple facts. I don’t think I need to discuss the crime or violent-act rates in these two places.
Needless to say I’ve lived in both those extremes, and while the ‘threat’ may have been implied at times, I never felt ‘unsafe’.
OK. Wait.
As I type those words, maybe I’m approaching this whole concept from the wrong angle?
I definitely have felt unsafe before, heck many a-times. But did I ever feel unprepared for the breach of safety? No.
Well, then maybe my wife’s been right this whole time? (don’t tell her I said that).
There have been plenty of times in my life I’ve felt unsafe. For example, moving to a new city, residing or being present in an area that has a known high crime rate, or being alone have all elicited that unsafe feeling.
Heck, driving too fast in a car – driver or passenger..
Standing at the top of a ladder..
Slipping on ice..
Attempting a new physical skill..

I guess I could take this concept completely out of context, or I could just keep it simple.

Daily Prompt: Safety First

by michelle w. on November 21, 2013

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SAFETY.

via Daily Prompt: Safety First | The Daily Post.

I had moved to a new city. I was alone. It was a last-minute move that required me to take residence in temporary housing while I searched for a more permanent apartment space for me and my then fiancé during my time off from my new job.
For a lack of a better term it was low-income housing. There were little to no street lights. I rented a room, shared a bathroom with other residents and had to do all my shopping at a grocery mart that had wrought iron fencing that lined the store windows. Security was a bit of an issue.
During those days, cell phones were still a dime a dozen and cost an arm-and-a-leg. So communicating with any of my loved ones required me to walk a couple blocks to a pay phone. A pay phone that was smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I mean no street light. No cars. nothing. And due to my work schedule I was making these phone calls late at night.
Sure I felt unsafe.
Wouldn’t you?

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