Missing the comforts of our former home..



via Concentration / iFunny 🙂.

We’ve been in our new town house for just shy of six months and I still miss some of the comforts of our former home.

  1. We’re now renting a town house, whereas we owned our previous home.

Call me crazy, but owning a home allows for certain luxuries. Namely, we stocked the house with the furniture and appliances of our choice. In our new ‘town home’ the appliance came pre-packaged. We didn’t get a choice in the matter. The oven, dishwasher and most notably the refrigerator were pre-installed and furnished on arrival.

I didn’t realize how cozy our former refrigerator was until we didn’t have it. Our current ‘fridge’ is smaller, more compact, not the most tantalizing choice of colors and frankly (and this is key) it doesn’t have an automatic ice maker.


The most important aspect of the lack of the automatic ice maker? That insane balancing act you have to perform during the walk from the kitchen sink to the freezer when filling up the ice trays.


It may seem trivial but…. SERIOUSLY?

LOL. My ballerina skillz are sorely lacking.

And THEN you have to carefully place them in the actual freezer shelf without spilling any water.


These are my first world problems. LOL.

The last time I had to play this game was in college.


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