Getting my NaBloPoMo on. Revisiting an old friend

NaBloPoMo = National Blog Post Month

Once upon a time, on a blog a long, long time ago the author (yours truly) had aspirations of posting a blog article (post) every day for one month. To the author’s (lil’ ole me) elated surprise he accomplished his goal during the month of July 2009. Here’s the blog post where I discussed how difficult it really was:

Whew.. that seems like forever ago. I mean that’s back when NaBloPoMo was part of the now debunk ‘Ning’ community forum. NaBloPoMo home base is no longer through the Ning network, but has been adopted by the ‘Big Sister’ network of BlogHer. I dug a lil’ bit on the interwebs (yes I Googled it) and apparently NaBloPoMo was ‘sold’ to BlogHer and established its current home between 2010-2011. Sadly that’s how long my poor lil blog has been outta the ‘blog’ game.

It sort of makes sense. I went back to school and re-enrolled in the summer of 2009. Two degrees and 4 years later I’ve finally got the ‘time’ I want to resume my blogging chops. What better way to slide  back into my habit than with this event??

It nicely fits into my #Movember efforts. I’m posting daily updates about my mustache (or lack there of) adventures which is a great prompt to keep blogging.

An unfortunate side effect of all this will be some ridiculously boring blog posts – so I apologize ahead of time. I’ve added my blog to the NaBloPoMo blogroll for the month of November. I’m also displaying the NaBloPoMo badge prominently on my sidebar as well as WordPress’s badge for a ‘Post A Day 2013‘. One way or another I’m gonna blog dammit. I just miss blogging. I’ve come to terms with it not being the same environment, but once a blogger always a blogger.

I also have to get back to reading, browsing and commenting on fellow bloggers blogs. It’s a slow work in progress.

I’m sure I will continue to be the cratchety old blogger who keeps yelling “Get off my lawn!!” (Thanks mike.. I still laugh at this one)

But in the end, I’m still a blogger. Maybe my blogging will change, maybe it won’t. Either way I’m still gonna write my posts. It’s taken be the better part of seven years, blogging for another source, and almost killing off this particular blog for me to admit this:

I’m a Blogger.

So it continues. So I blog.


It’s November 1st! Time to get your NaBloPoMo on.

by michelle w. on November 1, 2013

November is a big month for writers — you’ve probably read about NaNoWriMo, which kicks off today.

Not interested in writing a length book, but looking for a challenge that’ll push you as a blogger? Try NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, which also starts now: one post a day, however short or long, every day in November. The topic is up to you, as is the format — longform, photo essay, haiku, webcomic, or quick musings; they’re all fair game.

To participate, just start posting! Tag your posts with “NaBloPoMo” to help other bloggers (and us!) find you. You’ve also got until November 5th to add your blog to the official NaBloPoMo blogroll on BlogHer, where you can grab a badge for your blog.

(Why register for the blogroll? One word: community. Oh, and one more: prizes.)

We’ll have more on NaBloPoMo next week, but the clock starts now. Check out our new Blog Event Survival Guide for inspiration, and get posting!

via It’s November 1st! Time to get your NaBloPoMo on. | The Daily Post.


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