Running | Embrace The Suck

Well, operation embrace the suck has begun. I worked the weekend, and both days I went for a run after my shift. My running coach and good friend clued me in on a nice lil bike trail a skip away from my place of work that was super convenient.

It’s a 1.5+ mile stretch one way that is smack dab on the bayfront. So not only is it right next to where I work, but the view ain’t too shabby, let me tell you.

The next time I make the run, I’ll stop to snap some pics. I got to run right at sunset. Seeing the clouds and the sun come off the water was just beautiful. Made the run that much more worthwhile.

I also jumped on the iPhone app bandwagon and downloaded the Nike+ Run App. It’s pretty effin’ cool. Everything from verbal feedback cues on your run, GPS mapping, distance ticking and of course the ability to share all the juicy details of your run on social media.

I got lost on the first night looking for the trail next to the water, but ended up finding an additional trail. So I have two separate trails I can run right smack-dab next to work.

Hopefully I can keep it up. I’m trying really hard to learn how to run better, run more efficiently and to ultimately suck a lil less.

Image source: EMBRACE THE SUCK CrossFit necklace silver with by 321GoStuff.


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