CrossFit : “Beasts of the Wild”

via “Beasts of the Wild” – CrossFit626 on Vimeo.

Yep, another CrossFit video. I had a weird thought watching this one this morning. I wonder how the ‘haters’ and ‘antis’ feel about these videos? (Antis are the ‘anti-crossfit’ people)

Do they roll they’re eyes? Do they chuckle?

Do they even get it?

I’m close to be the over-passionate crazy CrossFit type, but I try and stay grounded. CrossFit has given me so much, I just can’t grasp how anyone couldn’t enjoy all that it offers.

I think I’m the one who chuckles and rolls his eyes when people scoff at CrossFit as just another ‘exercise program’.

Things that make you go hmm..


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