How do you define beauty?

I wonder…..

Letting Beauty Speak Up Itself – YouTube.

While I am of  course a tad biased with my thoughts on this video, it do makes you wonder. Has the emergence of CrossFit and it’s skyrocketing popularity helped change our thoughts on beauty? (maybe even just a lil’)

The new saying: ‘Strong is the new skinny’ has some roots in my ever-growing CrossFit community. There is definite strength in beauty, but that doesn’t mean I think that muscularly-fit women are the benchmark for beauty.

I think this video hits the nail on the head when it refers to beauty and confidence. CrossFit has given many the opportunity to find their confidence in many forms – one of which is physical strength and sculpted aesthetics.

From a fellow CrossFit member:

Great video. Best line of the video: at 4:19, “yeah I can do that, maybe not as fast or as much, but, I can do that, puts you head and shoulders above the majority of the human population” Maybe that’s where the “ego” from Crossfit comes from. Lol


I wonder…


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