New Google Maps..

The juggernaut better known as Google is slowly releasing their latest version of Google Maps. I recently got the official invite to test drive it. It seems to be a nicer UI with a boat load of new bells and whistles.

Here is the video explaining each new feature from Google’s website:

Google has once again one-upped the immediacy factor by putting even more at your fingertips within one screen. Here are a couple screen shots of my trial run:

This is the new search box that has auto-complete as well as enhanced search with simple terms.



Here is the search box when you click on a specific street on the map..



Here is the enhanced info card when you click on a place, street or location.



It’s definitely sparked my curiosity. Will it cause me to use Maps more? Ehh, we’ll see.

Oh, by the way. The screen shots and head lines are courtesy of a new nifty app I downloaded from the App Store called Clarify. Go check it out.



Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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