Meeting two superstars: The night I became starstruck and giddy

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I’ve heard about them before. Actually meeting individuals in person whom you’ve only ever known through an electronic device. Well last night I got to fulfill quite the child-like wish. I met two of the original bloggers who inspired me to be a blogger.

I’m a lil on the tired side tonight to dive into the details, but the short prep versions is that I’ve known Emily & Mike for greater than 6 years (7 years I think?) Back then it was just blogging. One blogger visiting another’s blog. Yes, there was life before Twitter, Facebook and all the other microblogging tools out there.

It was a standing joke that we always talked about meeting, but life just got in the way. Well somehow life always found ‘a way’…. finally.

Needless to say I stayed up so late, laughed so hard and talk so much that I lost my voice the next day (today).

Mike (formerly known as Doctor Anonymous), a.k.a. Dr. Mike Sevilla of Family Medicine Rocks  posted a wonderful blog late last night after we called it a night (after 1am), please go read it. I’m going to write something up tomorrow, I just had to share my smiling giddy-like happiness tonight. 

I got roughly 4-ish hours of sleep last night, it’s now after 10pm, and I still felt the need to write down some thoughts about last night festivities. I can’t begin to describe how fulfilling it was to meet two of my blogging idols. These two were part of a very small group of bloggers that I considered my friends, even though I never shook their hand or ever physically occupied the same space.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.


More to come tomorrow.


Thanks to Emily and Mike for an amazing time.


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