Moving on. Moving up


I’m typing this post from my empty house. The movers are here today loading and hauling the remainder of our earthly possessions to our new home. We then make the road trip 90+ miles to our new place.

It’s a tad surreal. Things are happening so fast. It feels like I should be attending class. It feels like I should still be in graduate school. I feel like I’m still an ACNP student.

Graduation was a blurr of a memory. So much has happened in the past 4 weeks that I’m having a tough time keeping it all straight.

We finish the move this weekend. We have a sale pending on our house this week.

I’m studying for boards every chance I get. Little by little.

I’m continuing to work in the ICU at the bedside while all this is going on.

I honestly have to remind myself I’m a masters leveled prepared nurse.

Maybe someday soon this will all actually sink in??


8 thoughts on “Moving on. Moving up

  1. Congratulations on your advancement. Enjoy the move – I know how crazy that gets. I fell into your blog by accident. In a fit of nostalgia, I began googling nurse blogs. I found yours and thought to myself, this is a dude who did everything I once set myself out to do. Although I left nursing to pursue other interests, your path was exactly the one I would have taken. So looking at you allows me to see how things could have gone for me. I am glad that it worked out… It feels inspirational. Who knows? I might get back on the path. Good luck and thank you.

    1. Well you are welcome, and a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s never, ever too late! Ever.

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