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Introducing Amber and her blog “This Nursing Journey”. I stumbled upon Amber and her awesome story-telling blog many months ago and I have been a dedicated reader since my first visit. Here’s a lil’ bit about amber from her blog site:


Via This Nursing Journey

Amber’s blog is all about her adventures in nursing school. She puts a very intimate accent on her stories, which is what I truly enjoy. You can tell from her words how excited and nervous she is during her journey to becoming a nurse. Her passion is something I tell her she needs to keep and defend. We need more individuals like Amber entering our profession.

Here are some of her words in a recent blog post:

So we left the boy in the capable hands of the FOUR S1s that had ended up in the room somehow (lol!) and my partner and I went to our post-conference downstairs to talk to another instructor about what we liked, what we didn’t like, and if it was a good learning experience for us or not. We completed a questionnaire/survey, and then we were free to go! In all, we were there a little over 3.5 hours, but it went by SOOO fast. Insane! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in a real ICU with more than 1 patient that I’m having to take care of…makes me excited to be in the ICU in upcoming semesters. 🙂

All in all I really enjoyed the experience, and I wish were had more of them in a semester! And I can’t wait until my S1 semester when I get to do that one over again, only as an S1!

Also…now it’s Saturday. You know what that means?? I only have one more pharm quiz, my HESI next week, and then FINALS the week after that and I’ll be DONE DONE DONE!!!

via Adult Simulation Lab

She’s also on Twitter: 

Be sure to pay her a visit, say hi, and tell her I sent ya!



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