When I start feeling old…



Via Facebook

As you already know I hit my sortt-of mid-life crisis last month when I turned 40 (almost exactly a month ago). You always hear the joke that everything starts to fall apart in your 40’s, sort of like how your car starts to break down just as the warranty ends.

This past couple weeks my body has been a lil’ beat up and I’ve been ‘hurting’ a little more than usual. It could have very well been related to the CrossFit Games Open WOD’s I’ve been doing over the past 5 weeks, but I was chalking it up to turning 40.

Then I see the above picture of a 43 year old CrossFit athlete. He finished in the top 10, and I’m not just talking in the 40-44 age bracket, he beat out the 20 year old whipper snappers.


Let’s keep in mind that the above athlete is a CrossFit trainer and he does this stuff full-time, but I really need to stop using my age as an excuse huh?

As I wipe the egg off of my face now


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