A working nurse and CrossFit: What’s more grueling?


You would think by I’d be used  to being on my feet all day long. There are days I don’t sit down, and there are days that I don’t remember standing still. What doesn’t make complete sense to me is how I feel after my shift.

My lower back is stiff. I have to work the kinks out of my knees and my hips. My whole body just feels beat up. 


Here’s the irony. I am also a CrossFitter. We tend to self-mutilate ourselves every time we do a workout (sort of humorous, but slightly true). If it isn’t the sore muscles, aching joints or tender to touch body parts, it’s the “I got hit by a truck” feeling after a workout. Or better yet I come home having hands like this:


What I can’t completely wrap my head around is that fact that there are days when recovering from a long shift at work is tougher than recovering from a grueling CrossFit workout?

Maybe I AM getting old?



4 thoughts on “A working nurse and CrossFit: What’s more grueling?

  1. I also do both and I love going to a WOD after a long day at work. It is the best stress reliever I have ever had.

    1. Yes, you couldn’t be more right. While I dread some of the movements or weights, when it’s all over I feel so much better.

  2. Well, of course you’re getting older. I haven’t I noticed anybody I know anyway, getting any younger.so, it is probably not a bad idea but you are starting to think about such things.by the way I would like to know what your nursely advice would be to someone who showed up in the ED with hands that looked like yours? 😉

    1. Ohhhh trust me, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. And the really scary part is my hands have looked like that. LOL 😉

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