The Creation and Removal of the Infamous Nursing School ‘WALL’


Via How do you study with so many distractions? – About A Nursing Student – Nursing Cartoon Series

Nursing school is tough. It’s an interesting ‘creature’ of sorts because it’s not like most traditional school experiences.

You can’t compare it to your traditional academic pursuits when someone ‘goes to college’ because we have far more than just the classroom didactic. There’s skill labs, clinical rotations, and simulation labs in addition to attending the traditional classroom. Each of those additional learning environments require their own set of preparations, studying and knowledge applications.

You can’t compare nursing school to medical school, although it might be slightly similar. Medical school is post-baccalaureate or sometimes referred to as a tertiary educational pursuit. It’s done in addition (and after) to your traditional academic environment. I guess you could loosely compare nursing school to medical school in that it’s grossly more than just the traditional classroom. I of course cannot comment on the exact structure of medical school, since I’ve never attended, but it’s definitely NOT the same learning material or learning environment. I might dare say that medical school is quite the marathon race while nursing school is almost a sprint (if comparing the number of years).

During nursing school you spend more time with your classmates and your instructors/professors than you do with your own family. You live, eat, breathe and quite often CHOKE on all things about nursing in a very short amount of time (sometimes as short as 18 months). Your classmates are the only ones who can really appreciate what you are going through simply because they’re in the trenches with you.

As time goes on, and as the semesters ‘fly’ by you start to build this ‘WALL’ between you and everyone that is not in class with you. This pseudo-wall starts to separate you from all the non-nurses. In fact you purposely might build that wall to focus on your studies and to minimize distractions, while at other times the wall sort of crops up on its own without you even realizing it.

That ‘WALL’ serves many purposes, and quite honestly is almost required to get you through nursing school. The problem, is that once the ‘WALL’ is up, it takes twice the amount of effort to tear it down. 

I find myself slowly taking down my ‘WALL’ that I’ve had up for the past 4+ years. Whew…

It served its purpose. I’m at the end of that long tunnel. It minimized the distractions and it kept me focused. But, in the process it also walled off (literally) the outside world. That outside world consisted of my dear family, my important friends, my loved hobbies, and that thing called society. (?)

It’s going to take some time, but I’m removing one brick at a time. I’ll miss that ‘WALL’. It ironically provided a tad bit of comfort during some of the more trying moments of my schooling. It’s this weird Stockholm syndrome like relationship I had with that ‘WALL’. That and some sick Munchausen syndrome. I’ve been so used to being miserable as a student, I’m having trouble not being miserable anymore???



(Yep, this is how my mind works)

One brick at a time…



4 thoughts on “The Creation and Removal of the Infamous Nursing School ‘WALL’

  1. I feel ya…. I’m finally getting back to blogging, quilting, and actually seeing my friends and family after all this time.

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