RN.FM Radio Podcast was a raving success!!!

This is just a quick note. Last night’s podcast was a raving success. Being a part of the podcast with the amazing Scrubs Magazine team was an amazing experience. As nervous as I was, I’d say we were received well.


Things are busy for me this AM. Up late last night after the podcast, and then up bright and early to get things done before I head out for the day to return sometime late tonight. I have to travel on campus to purchase my official graduation regalia!!!!




Then I still have class later this evening.

It’s surreal. A podcast, graduation, boards, new job, selling a house, etc. Whew…


One thing about last night’s podcast that was awesome was the hashtag #rnfmradio tweet chat. I chatted with a couple great twitter friends, as well as run into some old ones! As of note a dear old nurse blogger has re-surfaced from a long hiatus. I’m super psyched:

That’s all for now. This podcast has rejuvenated the blogger in me. Whaaaatch OOUUUUUWWWWWTTT.



Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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