CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.4. Not a hot mess.

Via 2013 Open Workouts | CrossFit Games

Workout 13.4

MEN – includes Masters Men up to 54 years old
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
135 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps
3 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 6 reps
6 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 9 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps
12 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 15 reps
15 Toes-to-bar
135 pound Clean and jerk, 18 reps
18 Toes-to-bar…
This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

RESULT: 63 reps (Completed full rounds of 12 reps and started the 15 rep round of clean & jerk)

I had a plan. I stuck to it. It wasn’t an amazing performance, but it worked for me.

There really wasn’t any CrossFit trickery with this one. You had to have a good engine and a good set of lungs for this one. Of course you needed to be able to perform the movements properly and efficiently, but ultimately this was all about how well you hit the inevitable ‘wall’ and how well you could keep going past that ‘wall’.

I hit the ‘wall’ around the first couple reps of the clean & jerk during the 9 rep round. Once I hit the wall, my pace slowed down immensely during the clean & jerks, sadly.

I know going into this I had a couple things in mind:

  1. Try not to tear/rip/shred my hands: Toes to bar are fairly easy for me (depending on the rep scheme). I don’t tire out easily, and my core is fairly strong. So I know I could muster through them unbroken. I had expected to maybe break up the 15 rep scheme if I had made it that far. My problem is always my hands. My palms will translate around the bar and that friction ALWAYS causes huge damage to my fingers. I was determined to prevent that damage. I had enough wits about me during the 9 rep round that I was able to re-grip two separate times, so as not to let the friction get the best of my hands. It worked. No tears.
  2. Preserve my grip strength for as long as possible: I read a lot on  tips and tricks for this WOD (just like the others). Tap and go clean & jerk exhausts your grip, so I dropped the bar each time and reset as quickly as I could. My grip wasn’t an issue during the toes 2 bar and my forearms weren’t smoked when finished.
  3. Maintain good form and don’t let technique go out the door: I was so worried as exhaustion set in I’d break down. I was expecting to ‘dead lift’ the bar instead of ‘clean’ the bar properly with hamstrings and hips.. I was also expecting to try and push press the bar during the jerk, and I somehow was able to maintain form with a push jerk. So I conserved my shoulders.

Yep, ultimately it was my conditioning again. It sucks. I hate reliving the conversation, but not training for almost 6 weeks during the first of the year really put a hamper on my metabolic conditioning. Not to mention I sort of avoided the heavy met con’s for a long time since I was concentrating on The Outlaw Way and increasing my strength and skill in the Olympic lifts.

Ahh well. This whole experience has been quite enlightening and yes… it has been fun.

One more week!!









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