CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.3. A hot mess.

Via 2013 Open Workouts | CrossFit Games

MEN – includes Masters Men up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls (20 lbs to 10′ target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

RESULT: 207 reps (150 Wall balls + 57 double-unders)

I had a plan. It didn’t work out so well. I really thought I would be able to squeeze out a few muscle ups.



The expected CrossFit trickery happened again. I read the WOD, and I thought to myself “I remember doing this, the wall balls are tough.. but I managed”. Last year I couldn’t do a single double under, so I subbed in 180 singles. I can’t quite remember how many I got, but I know I didn’t finish the single jump ropes. I vaguely remember my legs being like spaghetti noodles.

Well, apparently I have a bad memory because the wall balls destroyed me. I attempted the double unders aaaaaan got two before I was tripped up. My legs just wouldn’t work. Period.

This whole time, I thought my calves did most of the ‘work’ during a double under.

Yep. Wrong again.

When I went to propel myself off the ground I had no get-up-and-go. It was dead weight. Sad.

I fought through the weakness and derangement to string sets of 5 and 10 and I think 17 before time ran out. I got 57 total double unders.


I know last year I was able to do “Karen” and the 150 wall balls in something around the 8 ½ min mark. Once again I took for granted that I did the wall balls last year with an 18lb plyo ball, and not the 20lb traditional (slam ball) sand filled ball (the traditional ball all CrossFit boxes use). The ball I used last year was half the circumference and had a hard rubber outer shell.

I never used nor even picked up the ball I used for the WOD this year until an hour before I did the WOD.

So I guess I can use that as an excuse. (It’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Also, my conditioning is in the toilet after taking all of January and half of February off from training due to school responsibilities. 



On to 13.4.


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